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Tue, Dec. 5th, 2006, 09:16 pm
Byrons Bike Ride

I'm keen to write something on the recent events in Fiji, but as they are unfolding as I write, I know very little, I may have something to say on this tomorrow.

In the mean time, heres a post about how I spent my day off, with added photo goodness. Like everything on this blog, the photos are under a creative commons licence, so feel free to use them, if you want hi-res high quality copies, let me know, these ones are scaled down annd reduced to 60% quality to stop my blog from clogging up your bandwidth.

Although this is one of my rare personal posts, I do have some policical, historical and ecological points to make in it, for your convinence I will identify these like this:{{POINT}}this is a point{{/POINT}}

If you read right to the end (or scroll down there) theres a fun piece of 90's nostalgia for you all.

By the way, sorry about all the typos, its getting late, I may fix them later.

The plan was to headout to Bottle Lake Forest and basicly get myself lost, spend a bit of time on the beach, and take a few photos, ending the day with a coffee whereever I ended up.

I went via Redwood, as I figured that would be the most direct route. Redwood is where I spend the first few years of my life, way back in the 1980s. It hasn't changed a whole lot since then, as you can see its simple, comfortable looking suburb.

This photo is about 2 minutes down the road from where I took the last one, I like it how Christchurch merges from suburban to rural in the blink of an eye. As you can see, this is a photo of cows.

This is an odd looking piece of farm machinary I saw on my way to the forest. I have no idea what it does.
{{POINT}}New Zealand has always been a farming country, as a result a manufacturing sector developed to make stuff like this odd device. When subsidys to farmers were stopped in the Rogernomics era, the demand for farm machinary droped, and so began the deline of New Zealands manufacturing sector, as you look at this photo, spare a thought for all the people who want but can't get manufacturing jobbs. (as we all know, manufacturing is the ideal job for an Intellectual Dropout.{{/POINT}}

This is the entrence to the forest, as you can see the trees are all straight, tall, pines, this is a commercial forest after all {{POINT}}It would be cool if there were more native forests around Christchurch still, when this country was colonised most of the native bush that covered 90% of the nation was burnt to make room for farming sheep{{/POINT}}

{{POINT}}}I like it how the trees are felled like this, as opposed to just having huge clearcuts. Actually maybe these trees aren't be logged and were fell for some other reason, I'm totally making this up as I go.{{/POINT}}

In a few months, there will be wonderfull asortment of mushrooms among those trees, as George Cunningham will tell you, New Zealand is home to some faccinating mushroom species, and the pine needle and wood multch environment of Bottle Lake forest is perfect for many of them, But more on this countries fabulous mushrooms when it tis the season.

This photo is of the lake where the forest gets its name (of some lake in the forest anyway) I didn't realise my bike was in the photo when I wass taking it, however I still think this turned out the best photo of the day. That white bit you see in the water is either a swimming dog, or an albino taniwha. The latter is much more interesting.

This is the gate the landfill in the middle of the forest, the public aren't allowed in. {{POINT}}Landfills suck{{/POINT}}

This is one of my favourite places in the world, where the forest meets the beach on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, it was kinda hard to capture in a photo, but I wanted one to post here. When I got here I stopped for a while, read some poems by Sujata Bhutt and then just lay on the beach listening to the waves and writing my own poetry (those of you on my friends list will see the poem in a future post).

Thats some good quality New Zealand swamp water, no didimo in there, what you see is a good kind of disgusting green muck.

This is a grim vision of things to come, the whole area around the forest is being filled up with petty bougoui subdivisions like this one, I biked through them today, they are frightening fake and seemingly lifeless, with no stories to tell, at least, none anyone wants to here, unless theres some guy with scissors for hands in a castle near the suburbs, that would be awesome.
Hopefully we'll be lucky and all future bougoui subddivisions will be far from the city.

Its Bubble O' Bill! I hadn't had one of these since I was a kid, and totally thought that Streets had stopped making them, I found this one in a dairy on the corner of Burwood and Travis road. Its a like the Bills I remember, although the bubble gum nose no longer has a humourous cowboy line refrencing bubble gum printed on it, eg "Go for your gum!" get it? like "go for your gun" but with gum insted, as gum rhymes with...

Ahh forget it.

Tue, Dec. 5th, 2006 10:20 am (UTC)

On the subject of Tonga....

I was watching the news the other night, and I don't know what happened, but John Campbell (bless his private school looking socks!) said that the military guy (whose name I'm not even going to TRY to spell) organised a press conference on one side of town, and then as the international media massed, some ominous looking military trucks drove into the back of the Prime Minister's office.

Campbell hypothesised that this was the coup taking place (presumably it was because now the military is in control...) but this struck me as rather amusing because the military's plan was very similar to Kim Jong Il's plan in Team America: World Police.

You would have thought they'd have seen it coming...lol

PS: lovely photos. However, they bring back horrible memories of having to run around the forest when I was a kid...I went to Windsor Primary, on Burwood Road, so it was close by. *shudders* I hate running. Maybe I should go back and try and recreate some more positive memories of the place...because it is awfully pretty, but I just can't get the image of chubby little 9 year old me puffing her way down the track....

Tue, Dec. 5th, 2006 06:45 pm (UTC)

I watched the coup unfold on Campbell Live, and did a Google News search as I watched, Campbell had the most up to date information (I guess because of the live satilite feed) the trouble with TV news though is you only have like 7 minutes between commercials to cover a story, so it never has the depth I like in my news, part of the reason I love the Internet :-p

Childhood running can ruin anywhere can't it? I just had to run around the block my school was on, but it was a huge block with a massive distribution center, so it was like 3 or 4 times the size of a normal block :-S but its not hard to create good memories in the forest, I can go back to the block, I once even applied for a job at that massive distribution center (worst job interview ever btw lol)

Thu, Dec. 7th, 2006 01:30 am (UTC)

Ah, that was meant to read "on the subject of Fiji". Now I have egg on my face...:P

dunno how I made that mistake. I am well aware of what's happening in Tonga as well, and it is a little different to what's happening in Fiji! lol

Thu, Dec. 7th, 2006 02:37 am (UTC)

Well I made the same mistake, I only corrected it this morning :-p